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Being good is good business” - Anita roddick


Its so important to us that Moondust is aligned with our personal values of natural, sustainable, and holistic living, and we work hard to ensure this alignment flows at every step of our business and through each and every one of our products.



Quality without compromise- Moondust uses only high-quality ingredients in our products. With ongoing consultation from dental professionals, we’re committed to providing products that work as we intend them to. We also have rigorous product testing and development - we’re always looking to improve our offerings and we’re committed to continue a high level of quality into the future.


Natural all the way - as mothers and natural health enthusiasts ourselves, we want to reflect this lifestyle choice in our dental products. All our ingredients are natural, organic, chemical and preservative free and chosen for their best effectiveness on dental hygiene. We want to provide real-life use-able alternatives for people looking to  stay healthy, heal from disease and look after their teeth. Moondust is committted to being a brand you can trust to create a truly healthy and ethical dental routine.


Responsible practice - All our ingredients are sourced from low impact, ethical suppliers that we ensure follow best natural practice. We support local business whenever possible. We carefully look at our supply chain, and prioritise partnering with independant producers and businesses. Moondust is a family-friendly, equal opportunity workplace, dedicated to living our values everyday through our business. And we’re passionate about paying it forward too - and extending this opportunity to others in our community. Click here for more on our community partnerships.


Cruelty-free we love our furry friends and have no intention now or ever testing on animals or using any product that has ever been tested on animals.


Sustainability - At Moondust we truly have an amazing opportunity to create something new  - sustainable dental products. Products that can support our needs without creating more single-use plastic, or using non-renewable resources. So all our products are just that: Re-usable, recyclable or refillable.Amost all our packaging is plastic-free - from the toothbrushes, to our toothbrush stands, our cleanup cloths, and packaging. Our toothpowder refill bags have been especially manufactured out of corn PLA which is municipal compostable. Even our samples are in cute glass jars with metal lids. (our kids love to re-use these). Click here to find out more about our waste-reducing strategies.


If there’s a way to lower our impact on our planet and people we will implement it, and we continue to strive for low environmental-impact oral care. Because after all we’re all in this together, and little decisions by every one of us add up to big outcomes.

Dental products that care for you and the planet too.

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