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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, 

one finds it attached to the rest of the world.” 

- John Muir

Dental care shouldn't cost the earth. For us its of primary importance to ensure we can clean our teeth really well and avoid adding to the possibility of an unsustainable future for our children. The average person uses 4 toothbrushes a year, which doesn't seem like a lot of waste, but multiply that number across the planet and the figures are massive. Add to that number the toothpaste tubes and floss thrown to landfill and that's one gigantic global pile of dental waste. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We're committed to creating dental products that not only taste great and work well, but are also good to the planet we all live on and love. For now and for future generations.  

Sustainable products

In developing Moondust we had an opportunity to create something innovative  - sustainable dental products. Products that can support our needs without creating more single-use plastic, or using non-renewable resources. But reducing waste in the traditionally wasteful dental industry meant we needed to think outside the box. We now supply Moondust powder in gorgeous pop-top metal tins which are not only easy to use and 100% recyclable, but also re-usable with our new auto-refill service. Our gels are supplied in a revolutionary re-usable silicon toothpaste tube which will last for years, and easily refilled with gel. No more toothpaste tube wastage yay! (If your gel tube breaks don’t throw it out - you can send it back to our silicon re-cycle program initiative.)   

We haven't left out accessories: our toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and we've sourced 100% compostable bristle toothbrushes. They may not suit all customers, and so we also offer nylon/charcoal fibre bristle  toothbrushes which are almost entirely compostable. When the technology becomes available for 100% compostable brushes that are equally effective to the nylon ones we’ll jump on that too. Aaaad, we're super excited to now supply 100% compostable cornsilk floss! Check out all our sustainable dental products here.

Sustainable practices

As part of our commitment to ecological responsibility we also strive for a responsible workplace. Our production facility runs on 100% green power, and we order products without unnessecary pre-wrapping. All our packaging is plastic-free and our refill bags have been specially manufactured out of Corn PLA which is municipal compostable. 


We work to reduce paper too; we’ve made our warehouse paper-free so no packing slips are printed and everything is managed digitally. All our flyers are printed on recycled paper, and we are moving to 100% plant-based ink in our printed product material (which we strive to keep down in a balancing act of information and ecology :) And we send our parcels out with plastic-free packaging - using thin paper boxes to avoid the need for bubble wrap packaging. We post out in old-style recycled paper envelopes. (We think they look better too)


Some products unavoidably contain elements that are more difficult to recycle, and for those we have a free return scheme. We can then use specialist recycling packs for these items. Read more about our recycling options here.  Every little bit counts to save land-fill space and we continue to strive for low impact oral care.

Responsible BUSINESS

As part of our responsible practice we make it a priority to source our ingredients from low-impact, ethical suppliers that follow best natural practice. We support local business whenever possible, we carefully look at our supply chain, and we prioritise partnering with independent producers and businesses. 


Moondust is a family-friendly, equal opportunity workplace, dedicated to living our values everyday through our business. And we’re passionate about paying it forward too - extending this opportunity and support to others in our community and abroad. Click here for more on our community partnerships.


We love our furry friends and have no intention now or ever testing on animals or using any product that has ever been tested on animals. Our products are all cruelty free (its worth noting however that some are not vegan.) If there’s a way we can lower our impact on the planet and people we'll implement it, because we’re all in this together, and little decisions by every one of us really can add up to big outcomes.

Dental products that care for you and the planet too.

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