feedback from our customers:

"After using Moondust my teeth are white, my gums and whole mouth feels cleaner & I no longer have to brush 3 times a day with toxic whitening toothpaste."

Jenni - Gold Coast

"Our whole family is in love with moon dust. Our teeth and gums feel so much cleaner and and softer than with any other commercial or natural toothpastes."

Sandie - Byron Bay

"I love brushing my teeth knowing that I am putting only good stuff into my mouth. I really enjoy the very clean and smooth feeling of my teeth and that feeling lasts for hours!"

Catherine - Mullumbimby

"I've only just started using this powder - loving it already !"

Tenille  - Perth

" I am really enjoying the peppermint toothpowder, it makes my teeth feel really tingly and clean. And I have to applaud this company for their excellent customer service, friendly and professional throughout"

Alexandra - England

"Just received my first refill bag for the everyday peppermint flavour. I'm really thrilled that I can stop being niggled about waste from my toothpaste, now I can just refill - and the bag is compostable! - love that..."

Susan  - Perth

"It's hard to find an alternative toothpaste without glycerin or soaps, so I was pleased to find Moondust. Now I'm addicted to using the powder and couldn't go back to pastes!"

Laura  -Vancouver

" soooo hard to find actually clean organic dental products! Thanks Moondust - love the liquorice flavour best"

Soraya  - Suffolk park 

"Loving this licorice flavour, I tried cinnamon and liked it but I love licorice :) Kids go for it too. I highly recommend Moondust powders they've worked really well for my family "

Tom - Burringbar

"I've never used a powder before, it took a couple of gos, but wow, really seeing the result on the stains on my teeth (coffee and wine are hard to budge). Loving the powder now thanks!

Warren  - Perth

"I have used the whitening Moondust for 6 months, I find my teeth more bright and less yellowish on the edge. A tin is enough for few months, very good value and result!

Jeff  -Carrara