Moondust Values  

our commitments

As part of our responsible business ethos, our three pillars of business are clean ingredients, conscious business practices and giving back to community. We work hard to ensure our products have reliably healthy ingredients that support inner health as well as healthy teeth, we are pleased to offer community and ecologically-minded sustainable business practices and we also think its important to give back some of our good fortune to those in more need.


Organic, safe  effective ingredients

The digestive canal including the oral mucosa is the most absorbent tissue in the body, and that's why we believe its worth noticing what goes into not just our food, but the dental products we use twice a day every day. Research is beginning to show how common dental ingredients may not be so good for systemic health, including, fluoride, SLS and soaps, glycerin and preservatives. And so we just put the good stuff in.

All our ingredients are Australian certified Organic, and/or sourced from low impact, ethical suppliers.  We source clean, food-grade clays and diatomaceous earths supporting Australian business when possible, for a truly deep, healthy clean that you can be sure is also good for your body.

Children by default have the longest exposure time to oral care products and this exposure can really add up over time.  There are so many challenges to toxic exposure that our young ones have to contend with, their toothpaste shouldn't add to that list. Moondust was created to offer an effective, delicious cleaner that would not expose littlies to toxins over their lifetime.


Towards Zero-Waste, Thoughtful Sourcing

Because quality oral care shouldn't cost the earth, Moondust is dedicated to offering no-waste products, using only recyclable elements in all our packaging.  From the very beginning of Moondust we have thought about how to minimise waste and utilise products and we're committed to creating dental products that are also good to the planet we all live on and love.

Low waste means we need to find innovation in the dental health industry And we have done just that. We now supply Moondust powder in metal tins which are not only 100% recyclable, but also resuable with our new refill and auto-order service. Our gels are supplied in a world first gel powder and silicon toothpaste tube which will last for years, and can be refilled with gel powder to reconstitute and use wherever you like. No more toothpaste tubes wastage!

Our toothbrushes are made of bamboo and we also supply 100% compostable toothbrushes. They may not suit all customers, and so we have also supplied nylon/charcoal fibre toothbrushes which are almost there. When the technology becomes available we will jump on that too. The amount of floss alone that is thrown to landfill is staggering, and so we are proud to also supply 100% compostable cornsilk Floss. 

All our packaging is plastic-free, from toothbrushes, to our toothbrush stands, our cleanup cloths, and postage packing. Our refill bags have been specially manufactured out of Corn PLA which is municipal compostable. Even our samples are in cute glass jars with metal lids. If there is a way to lower our impact on the planet we will implement. We continue to strive for low impact oral care.  


 Giving Back where possible

As part of our commitment to bettering ourselves, our company and our planet, Moondust is pleased to support the philanthropic dental organisation 'A reason to Smile' (ARTS) which offers high quality dental care to African villages who would not otherwise have access. the way we offer support is two-fold. Firstly we donate 5% of all profits to the program to use as it needs to, and secondly we promote the 'Charity toothbrush'.

The Charity toothbrush is 100% natural, and therefore can be used in poorer economic areas without becoming an eventual plastic menace.  ARTS and we have plans to extend eventually to other programs will be able to supply these toothbrushes to villagers and communities, safe in the knowledge they aren't solving one problem and contributing to another. We are looking at ways to supply the powder too.

(ARTS holds a special place in my heart because many moons ago my grandfather was a dentist in Africa. He would often see to the indiginous people for no fee and I am reminded of this kindness in the ARTS program today.)

"Being good is
good business"