Love your Moondust or Send it Back

We want you to love your Moondust products, so if for any reason you find they don't work as intended for you, we'd love to know more and if we cant sort your problem we'll be happy to return your  cost minus postage. Just post them back within 14 days of receiving the goods and we will reimburse you no problems. Email us with your name, purchase date, delivery address and reason for return so we can get that sorted for you. 

The Moondust 14 DAY Natural Whitening Challenge

“Wondering if Moondust Whitening can work for you  - but not sure you want to invest?"

Problem solved: 

Here's how it works:

Step 1:   Take the Challenge by entering your email above and we'll send you the details and your FREE code for checkout (just pay for postage).
Step 2:   Take a 'before' pic of your teeth and send it to us.
Step 3:   Grab a whitening powder from the shop and use your code at checkout. 
(We wont charge your card for a full 2 weeks from date of your receipt of goods.)
Step 4:   Brush morning and evening for 2 minutes each session for 14 days.
Step 5:   Take an after pic in the same spot at the same time and send it to us along with your feedback. 

If you don't notice a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth send your pot back and we won't charge your account. No questions asked. And if you do love it let us know - we'll send you a refill flavour of your choice for FREE! *


*Moondust will charge for postage 14 days after receipt of powder. In the event of return it is the customers responsibility to pay for postage..