Dip your brush in some water (we like to use salt water to give our brush a little cleanse first)
flick off any excess water.
Dip into the Moon Dust and to get the Dust on to the bristles. You don’t need to much !
Be carful not to inhale.
Start to brush (for best results its recommended to brush for 2 mins).
Spit into the sink (or if brushing in the shower spit down the drain).
Its handy to keep a dark cloth by the sink to wipe up any mess straight away
Floss your teeth
Rinse with your favourite rinse, we like to use a salt water its really effective and great for ulcers or wounds (Not recommended as a long term wash). To make a salt water rinse we add pink himalayan salt to spring or filtered water.
Then your done! watch as your teeth become whiter and you mouth feels fresh and clean.

You can use this in the evening or even twice a day its up to you.

It can get a little messy but as you see and feel the results you will be happy!

Find a natural mouth wash recipe here