A's to your Q's

Moondust's aim is to give everyone easy and holistic alternatives to dental care without breaking the environment! Here's a list of our most frequently asked Q's and if you have more - please drop us a line and we will be happy to answer them! 

Shipping and handling:

What are Moondust's shipping costs?
How soon should I expect my order to arrive?
What if I forget to apply my discount code before checkout?
What if I've put the incorrect shipping address?
Returns and Refunds
My order has arrived damaged or I'm missing part of my order
what's the 14 Day Natural Whitening challenge?


Are Moondust Toothpowders safe for enamel?
Is it safe for kids?
Are the ingredients safe when pregnant or breastfeeding?
Is Moon Dust Safe to swallow?
Is it Dentist approved?
Can I replace my toothpaste with Moondust?

Product usage:

Is this tooth powder Organic?
Will it help with cavities?
Should I use Gel or Powder?
How long does Moondust last?
Will it foam up?
Will there be charcoal residue in my mouth?
Will it whiten my teeth?
Can I use the whitening powder everyday?
How often should i use it?
Will MoonDust remove stains on my teeth?

Have a question not answered here? We love to hear from you!
Drop us a line and we'll be in touch ASAP. 


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