Already a Stockist? 

We have made it easier to order! As part of our Moondust revamp we are making our wholesale product available online for easier access.

Step 1: 
Simply log on with your wholesale customer account details. (if you don't yet have a wholesale account you can create one directly from this link  or email us: and we will sort that for you.)

Step 2: Go to our dedicated wholesaler page and select your required items. (Some Minimum order amounts apply)

Step 3: When you are done ordering simply click the black 'Generate Purchase Order' button at the top and bottom of the page and we will receive your order. We will send your invoice ASAP and ship products as soon as payment is received.  (Please contact us if you require a credit account.)

 Please call Jaye on 0478162324 or email us at for more info or assistance with ordering. 

Looking to stock Organic Toothpowders? 

Would you like to start selling Organic Toothpowders or increase your range? We are currently reaching out to supply a limited number of new health food and bulk food stores and we have plans to offer more product in the very near future. Due to our product being hand made our ability to meet bulk orders is limited currently, however we are looking to expand and provide more product  and accessories in the very near future. 

We would love to talk more to see if we can meet your stores requirements. Please call Jaye on 0478162324 or email us at for more info. When we have set you up with a wholesale account you can order directly though our website for ease of use.