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"If you always do what you've
always done, you'll always get
what you always got!"

Jaye's Mum

(Also Einstein -but
mostly Jaye's mum)

MoonDust Tooth-Powders are a new take on a traditional way of cleaning teeth. We make artisan blends of organic natural ingredients known for their beneficial effects on oral health, as traditional societies have done for centuries. We've designed them to totally replace unhealthy toothpastes and gels. Delicious, easy to use and highly effective, Moondust powders have been lab-tested for low abrasion and approved by dentists.

We worked tirelessly to create zero waste products, from the powders, to the packaging - we believe good oral health doesn't have to  compromise nature - so we don't either. Our powders are also safe for children to use as primary cleaners - with absolutely no nasties and lots of fun at brushing time! We aim to support the global switch to healthy brushing - so you can be good to you and the planet too!

Clean Organic

All our ingredients are certified Organic, and/or sourced from low impact, ethical suppliers, we source clean, food-grade clays and diatomaceous earths supporting Australian business when possible, for a truly deep, healthy clean. Click for more info..

Naturally Whitening 

The ingredients in Moondust not only care for oral health, but do a brilliant job at whitening! The careful combination of ingredients really work to remove stains and whiten and brighten teeth, often from the first brush! And the effect builds the more you use it. 

No Nasties

Moondust was developed to offer an alternative to fluoridated toothpastes, and can also stop  exposure to glycerin, SLS, SLEs, foaming agents and preservatives, while tasting just as good if not better according to some! Click to learn more...

Safe for Littlies

Little ones by default have the longest exposure time to oral care products. Moondust was created to offer an effective, yummy cleaner that would not expose littlies to toxins over their lifetime. Our milder gels are proving  popular too. Click here for more...


Because quality oral care shouldn't cost the earth, Moondust is dedicated to offering no-waste products, using only recyclable elements in all our packaging - we're committed to creating dental products that are also good to the planet we all live on and love. click to read more...

We Give Back

As part of our commitment to bettering ourselves, our company and our planet, Moondust is pleased to support the philanthropic dental organisation 'A reason to Smile' (ARTS) which offers high quality dental care to African villages who would not otherwise have access - click to read more...

Who's Behind Moondust?

A Collaborative Evolution in oral-Care

Moondust has always been an 'Earth-Mumma' enterprise, having been the brainchild of Gabrielle Morrison who, after searching in vain for a satisfactory natural alternative to regular toothpaste for her kids had to design it herself.
In 2019 I, Jaye Wardlaw, tried something a little different. After a bit of adjustment to using a powder and not a paste, I just plain like using powder now - I couldn't go back! And coming from a background in dental-care (nearly 20 years of dental nursing) with a BHSc in Natural Medicine specialising in dental toxin recovery, I know the value of a healthy dental product. I loved the idea of Moondust so much I made it my own.

 As we all become more aware of our impact on mother nature, I and many others feel it's time to get responsible with our oral care products, so following on from its grass roots, Moondust continues to reach for a zero-waste outcome. - but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun now does it? So Moondust 2.0 is our offering to the world - uncompromisingly natural, totally yummy, and just a little bit cheeky! We still lovingly hand-blend our powders in the little  village of Burringbar in the foothills of the Tweed Caldera, making Moondust while the sun shines, and its my hope that Moondust rocks your day like it rocks mine!
Big love - Jaye

Customer Rave Reviews


“After using MoonDust my teeth are white, my gums and whole mouth feels cleaner & I no longer have to brush 3 times a day with expensive, abrasive and toxic whitening toothpaste."

Jenni - Gold Coast

"Our whole family is in love with moon dust. Our teeth and gums feel so much cleaner and and softer than with any other commercial or natural toothpastes."

Sandra - Byron Bay

"I love brushing my teeth knowing that I am putting only good stuff into my mouth. I really enjoy the very clean and smooth feeling of my teeth and that feeling lasts for hours!"

Catherine - Mullumbimby

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