About us

Hi I’m Jaye, I’m a nutritionist (BHsC Medical Nutrition), dental worker of many years, and mum of two cuties. I have a passion for sharing good health and my career in the dental industry means that I have good insight into the needs of teeth and their owners ; )

Moon Dust is a tooth powder that Gabrielle Morrison created when her little one started brushing her teeth. If you are a mum or dad you may know that getting your children to brush their teeth can be a little tricky. Not wanting to use fluoride on her families teeth, and with a passion for environmental consideration, Moon Dust was born in her kitchen. Now its my turn to shepherd MoonDust into the world, and spread the smiles and good oral health outwards :)

Moon Dust has been developed and is continuing to develop for families all over Australia to use, resting in the knowledge that it is totally organic, safe for children and most of all effective! We are loving the mixes, and customers are too - we get excited that the ingredients we use are are known to do lots of good things: remove toxins from the mouth, freshen breath, have antibacterial properties, whiten teeth, remineralise teeth, prevent cavities, are food-grade and safe to swallow and so much more...

So stay tuned as we update our web presence and platforms, we have some exciting new ideas about where to take Moondust coming, and we are super excited to be on this journey with Moondust and our customers. Looking forward to assisting you soon!


love Jaye