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"If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it" - joseph mercola


Moondust uses only natural ingredients with absolutely no nasties, for a deep refreshing clean that’s good for your health too. 

All the good stuff in AtMoondust it’s incredibly important to us to provide products with only natural - and when possible organic - ingredients. All our herbs and spices are Australian certified organic, our clays and charcoals are sourced from fair trade  and local enterprises when possible. Our essential oils are all certified for internal use (Doterra), and our gels use only organic, clean oils and ingredients. Our gorgeous accessories are clean too: Made from natural products, that won’t contaminate your dental routine, or later contaminate our environment. Our cornsilk floss is made with just 3 natural ingredients, and our toothbrushes are natural bamboo with charcoal infused bristles. Click here for more about our clean packaging policy. 

Moondust is Child safe. Today’s children have the longest potential exposure to toxic dental care products. Common toothpaste ingredients like fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate (sls) parabens, soaps, glycerin and preservatives can be absorbed into the body through our sensitive oral tissue, and if swallowed many of these ingredients can be harmful to gut health and body health over time. Our young ones have to contend with so many toxic challenges these days, we think their toothpaste shouldn't add to that list. Moondust was actually created as an answer to that very problem, offering an effective, delicious cleaner that keeps little ones safe and cares for their dental health as they grow. Along the way we realised it just happens to be awesome for grown ups too!


Reducing toxic exposure. The more we become aware of the potential for toxic exposure in everyday life, the more important it is to seek out truly natural products. Especially if we’re going to use them on our skin or in our mouths. We clean our teeth twice a day, every day, our entire lives, so it’s worth finding a product that supports safe and healthy cleaning - not just for teeth but the whole body.Moondust is committed to making the dental products we want to use use on ourselves and our families.  


Dental products that care for you and the planet too.

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