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We at Moondust aim to give everyone easy and holistic alternatives to dental care without breaking the environment! Here's a list of our most frequently asked Q's. Have a question not answered here? We love to hear from you! Drop us a line and we'll be in touch ASAP. 

What ingredients are in Moondust?

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Can I replace my regular toothpaste with moondust?

Yes you can! Moondust has been designed to totally replace the need for traditional foaming toothpastes. It has the capacity to clean at least to the level of traditional toothpastes, and in addition the ingredients we select are specifically to support oral health and correct bacterial balance in the mouth. Some people like to keep Moondust whitening powders as a periodic whitening treatment only, and many people (including my family) use Moondust exclusively as their everyday toothpaste or powder.

Are your products certified organic?

Our Clove and Cinnamon is Certified organic. Activated charcoal is a carbon and can not be certified organic although we source only charcoal made from organic coconuts. Our charcoal is food grade and safe to ingest. The bentonite clay is formed from volcanic ash and also can't be certified organic  - but it is also food grade and safe to ingest. We source our clay from a known clena australian cource. Our Xylitol is the highest quality Xylitol available, and it is derived for non-GMO birch tree bark.

Will moondust help with cavities?

While Moondust is classified a cosmetic product and not a medical therapeutic and we can't claim that it will help, we've selected the ingredients based on what they can do for teeth with this purpose in mind. For example Xylitol has been proven to be beneficial in decay reduction as it helps to neutralise the PH level in the mouth which would reduce acid attack. Bentonite clay is remineralising and also draws out toxins. Check out a full description of the all the ingredients here.

Should I use gel or powder?

Should I use Gel or Powder?

The powders certainly have a stronger cleaning and whitening effect and many people love this about them and become addicted to powders over the long term. However, moving to a powder from a traditional foaming toothpaste can take a bit of getting used to, especially for children. So we developed the gel so that you can also have that squeezey toothpastey feeling. The gels are slightly cleaner and milder in flavour, so they can be  a great start to moving on to powders, or they might just suit you fine! Some people have both, and vary between depending on how they feel on the day. 

how long doesMoondust last?

Your powder should last  3 months per person using it twice a day. Its best kept in a cool dry environment. Our powders have a very long shelf life and should be effective right up to and even beyond the best before date providing they are kept dry. When mixed with liquid the Gels have a shelf life of 14-20 days depending on how warm the environment is. They should be discarded after this time and remixed. 

Will it foam up when I use it?

No it will not foam up there are no chemicals to cause foaming. It may be a little bit unusual if you are trying a tooth powder for the first time but i encourage you to stick with it, it becomes addictive over time!  A gel kit may be a good way to ease into toothpowder use. 

Will there be charcoal residue in my mouth?


Its possible that some charcoal could be left in between tight contacts on teeth, or on your tongue. You can remove the excess with a brush and you can also use a tongue scrapper after brushing especially in the morning. I also rinse my brush and do an extra brush to help remove any extra charcoal. 

Will Moondust whiten my teteh?

Moon Dust contains Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay  - both ingredients that are known to remove staining from things like red wine, coffee and from smoking. Note: Your teeth will not become whiter than your natural white. Its is a great alternative to the chemical whiteners on the market.

Can I use the whitening powder everyday?


It is certainly possible to use the whitening powder everyday. It has low abrasivity, and the ingredients are suitable for ongoing use. Some people enjoy using the whitening products for one tin or so, and then moving to the everyday powders for ongoing maintenance because the everyday powders contain more minerals and no charcoal  (which means they can be easier on the household cleaning!)

Will Mondust Remove stubborn stains like coffee and wine?

By brushing at least once per day for at least 2 mins, you will see stains from things like coffee, tea, wine and yellowing from certain foods start to be removed. Sounds interesting doesn’t it, using something black on you teeth? Give it a try and see for yourself!

is moondust safe for children/pregnancy?

Is it safe for kids?

Yes absolutely. This is exactly why Moondust was born in the first place, and  my kids have been using Moondust exclusively since they started brushing their teeth. There are absolutely NO toxins or nasties that could build up over time exposure


I would happily use the tooth powder when pregnant or breastfeeding but as we are all different i would recommend if you have any concerns to consult your GP. We have read that cloves and cinnamon essential oils should not be used when pregnant but we used the ground spices for our tooth powder.

Are your products safe for enamel?

Moon Dust Tooth Powder has been independently Laboratory tested, to ensure its safety on enamel. We sent our Tooth Powder to the US to be tested to conform to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for Dentifrices. The lab conducted an American Dental Association standard RDA test and Moondust Toothpowder received a value of 148, and a pH level of 6.99. These results mean that Moondust has low abrasivity  so it wont harm tooth enamel,  and a high pH which makes it safe from erosion. We are dedicated to delivering a great product that is safe for our family and yours.

is moondust safe to sawllow?

Yes another reason why we made this, We found that children often swallow tooth paste as they are learning to brush their teeth. The ingredients are all food grade and safe to swallow however we do not recommend swallowing and but instead used just to brush teeth.

is Moondust dentist-approved?

Yes! it was actually Gabrielle's dentist who encouraged her to make this a product for everyone to use and have something safe and non toxic to offer their patients. We are finding our product is popular at several holistic dental surgeries thoughout Australia. 

other qs 

How does the subscription cycle work?

Subscriptions are based on a 3 month cycle, so every order sent out is enough for 3 months use. If you need more product in between that time, you can change your subscription going forward anytime through your customer portal - or drop us a line and we will adjust for you according to your needs. Go here for more info on how our subscriptions work.

Can i have more frequent deliveries than 3 month cycles?

We find most customers are happy with a quarterly or seasonal cycle, but if you need a more frequent delivery cycle than 3 months - get in touch and we will set that up for you no problems : )

Can i pause or skip a subscription?
  • As of now, customers are able to skip max to 2 months in a row
  • Regardless of the billing period they're currently on, when they choose to skip a payment, they will only prolong  it to a month or two (and not skip entire year of payments if they are on a yearly plan, for example).
  • After the new renewal date has been reached, customer will be moved to the new billing and shipping period which will correspond to the new renewal date.
  • If customer has outstanding invoice, he/she won't be able to skip a payment until the invoice is resolved.
Can I pause or cancel my subscription without penalty at any time?

Yes absolutely! Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time through your portal or by letting us know. Refunds for the current subscription cycle are not available after product has been shipped. 

How soon should I expect my order to arrive?

Please allow 1 - 2 business days for your order to be processed. During high volume periods and sales, dispatch times may vary.

- Australia Post Tracked - Arrives in approximately 3 - 4 business days
- Australia Post Express  - Arrives in approximately 1 - 3 business days
- International Shipping Tracked  - Arrives in 5 to 10 business days
- Express Tracked  - Arrives in 2 to 4 business days

(Business days are Monday-Friday. Public holidays excluded. All delivery timeframes are an estimate only.)

Your international order may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which may cause delays beyond the above-mentioned delivery estimates. This may result in your order being rejected at customs. Your order may also be subject to import duties and taxes which are assessed once the shipment reaches your country. Moondust cannot refund shipping charges for packages that are undeliverable or refused/unclaimed by customers.

What are Moondusts shipping costs?

We know there's nothing worse than buying your fave product, getting the budget right in your head, and then having shipping costs blow your mind at the VERRRRRY end of the checkout process. So here's our shipping charges nice and clear. Short version? The average postage cost for our new packaging is $5.00 AUD. The older packaging can be pricier.

Domestic (Australia)
Refill sachets $1.25 postage
Small items (20mm Envelope) $2.45 - $4.50 (weight dependant) fits - toothbrushes, powder tin, floss and other small items
Large items $8.95 box australia wide - includes remaining jar stock, Gel kits, Gel Valuepacks and larger orders.
Larger and bulk orders $12.90 - $17.90 depending on weight.

We are working to add these costs in ASAP. For now there is a flat rate of $28.00 per package to post the remaining jars, and 25.00 for smaller packages. (Actual Postage amount may be less if your country is closer to Australia.)

We have structured our packaging with the lowest cost/waste/fuel economy in mind. You may buy more than the stated item and so shipping may tick over to a larger category, but we have done our best to keep it all as low as possible. We only post in cardboard, with paper packing and compostable tape and labels - there's no need for us to wrap in double-up wasteful plastic bags, and we dont pad out our shipping costs- we just charge what we get charged :)

I forgot to apply my discount code before checkout...

Oops! We are sorry to hear this. Once your order has been placed we are unable to manually add the discount. Please note that this discount may be used on your next order.

I entered the wrong shipping address

If the shipping address is incorrect you need to email us within 30 minutes of placing the order. We cannot 100% guarantee the changes will go through. Please ensure you review your order before confirming your purchase.

If your order was dispatched to incorrect address as entered in your details, we will need to wait until the order is returned to us before we can process a replacement. We cannot guarantee a return will be received due to local postal procedures. 

Returns and refunds

If you wish to return a product once received - send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page or email us at customercare@mymoondust.com. So our customer service team can help you as fast as possible, please include your order number, your full name, shipping address and reason for return/refund. 

To be eligible for a return/refund, your item must be returned at the buyers cost. The products must be in unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. If these conditions can't be met, please include a written explanation as to why this is so. 

Please note: Moondust cannot refund shipping charges for returned packages. We cannot cancel online orders once they have been processed by our shipping team, so please be sure to review your order before you confirm your purchase.

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