“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.” - John Muir


The average person uses 4 toothbrushes a year, which doesnt seem like a lot of waste, but multiply that number across the planet and the figures are staggering. The number of plastic toothbrushes alone discarded annually is in the billions. Add to that number the toothpaste tubes and floss thrown to landfill and the global pile of dental waste is staggering. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dental care shouldn't cost the earth like this. And we at Moondust want to be a part of the solution. We're committed to creating dental products that not only taste great and work well, but are also good to the planet we all live on and love.


Every little bit helps..


From Moondust’s inception we’ve thought about how to minimise waste and better utilise dental products.But reducing waste in the traditionally wasteful dental industry meant we needed to innovate. So we’ve done just that. Heres the ways we are workign to walk our talk of natural sustainable dental care.


We now supply Moondust powder in gorgeous pop-top metal tins which are not only 100% recyclable, but also resuable with our new refill and auto-order service.

Our gels are supplied in a revolutionary re-usable silicon toothpaste tube which will last for years, and can be refilled with gel. No more toothpaste tubes wastage! (If your gel tube expires don’t throw it out - you can send it back to our silicon re-cycle program initiative.)   

Our toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and we also supply 100% compostable toothbrushes. They may not suit all customers, and so we also offer nylon/charcoal fibre toothbrushes which are almost entirely compostable. Nylon is a quick-decomposing material - but when the technology becomes available for completely compostable brushes that are also effective, we’ll jump on that too.

The amount of floss alone that is thrown to landfill is staggering, and so we are proud to also supply 100% compostable cornsilk Floss.  

All our packaging is plastic-free, from toothbrushes, to our toothbrush stands, our cleanup cloths, and postage packing.

Our refill bags have been specially manufactured out of Corn PLA which is municipal compostable.

Our samples are in cute glass jars with metal lids (which is recyclable but often kids wont let them go!) 

We work to reduce paper too; we’ve made our warehouse paper-free so no packing slips are printed and everything is managed digitally.

We send our parcels out with plastic-free minimal packaging.


We have a recycling program with TerraCycle where customers can return silicon packaging (which we cannot substitute) to us to be recycled. Every little bit counts to save land-fill space.

If there is a way to lower our impact on the planet we will implement. We continue to strive for low impact oral care.


Dental products that care for you and the planet too.

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