Brush & Floss Accessories.

Need some waste-free 100% natural alternative dental accessories to go with your moondust goodies? We are proud to offer our totally biodegradable bristle brushes.  They are rustic and lovely to use, and will last a month or so before you can safely add them to home or municipal compost. We also stock 100% compostable vegan floss, which is a breeze to use, you wont even notice the difference, but the environment will, with no need to bin that nylon floss anymore.

We also stock nearly waste free toothbrushes for those that find the natural bristle to be too hard.. we will keep tabs on new developments as they come to hand, and hop to supply a totally natural alternative in the near future.

And of course, you need to put that toothbrush somewhere hygenic! Enter our gorgeous bamboo toothbrush holders, all natural sustainably sourced bamboo, add a drop of your fave antibacterial essential oil for a great protective case.