What we don't use in Moondust

Heres some common products in toothpaste we don't think you need to get a sparkling healthy smile : Fluoride, Abrasives , Humectants, Disinfectants, Detergents, Thickeners, Preservatives, Flavoring agents, Coloring agents, pH buffers, Binders and Opacifiers. Lets take a look at the most common -

Fluoride  - Fluoride has a chequered history in toothpaste - its not been in it long - after world war II, and despite the glossy toothpaste adds it has far from been proven effective at increasing tooth protection from decay. What it has been shown effective in is reducing IQ in young people, causing bone dieasese in older people and its a carcinogen and a poison in fact. look closely at your fluoridated toothpaste and you may see a warning to contact poisons control if you swallow more than a pea sized amount. We wanted to create an alternative to fluoridated toothpastes for those that choose it.

Soaping agents - the use of soaps in toothpaste is very new, and in fact doesn't add significantly to the cleanliness of a post-brush mouth. Its more really a mental concept - lots of suds means a good clean right? But the products used to cause saponification like Sodium Laureal Sulphate are also becoming more widely linked to health concerns, and we like to avoid the potential for toxicity in the name of foaming. We will leave that to our lattes!

preservatives - Many Preservatives used in toothpastes are linked to toxic potential - But we are fortunate in our mixes because - as a powder base with no liquid added (in the case of our gels they are made fresh and only have a short shelf life because we don't add preservatives) our powders keep remakably well in the pot. many ingredients are natural dehydrators (Diatomacious earth and Bnetonite Clay) and some of our herbal additions are antibacterial as well. We dont need to add any preservatives to have a long shelf life.

glycerin - Glycerin - a by-product of sugar - was added faily recently to toothpowders to make them a paste, and it did seem like a good idea at the time. howver, its now known that glycerin coats the little external microtubules of the dentin and stops them absorbing minerals from food,  liquids and saliva. This coating lasts for hours and can inhibit the effectiveness of the natural oral defenses. Moondust doesnt use glycerin in its formulations and you will notice  almost immediately that the clean your teeth feel after brushing with Moondust far exceeds the clean feel of standard toothpastes. This is because there's no glycerin to coat the teeth!

Bicarbonate of Soda - Bicarb is a very good cleaner of enamel (have you ever used any in your bath? Its magic) and it does have great pH buffering capabilities. It's been a staple component of toothpowders for centuries. However it now appears its likely to be a bit too abrasive to use everyday so we have chosen not to use it. If you do want to use Bicarb occasionally for a deep clean its fine (just make sure you source aluminium free and Gluten Free if you are gluten free. Many powders can be contaminated.