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Moondust creates luscious, natural ethicaldental products for people wanting non-toxic, ecologically sustainable alternatives to traditional dental care. Tailor-made luxurious powders, oils and gels keep your teeth sparkling white and healthy over a lifetime, and our flagship hassle-free subscription service makes daily dental up-keep a pleasure.


We’re committed to our three enterprise pillars - Clean products, Conscious business, including radical waste reduction strategies, and giving back to Community, supporting sustainable dental care for those who can least afford it.


You take care of the rest of your life, and now you can feel good about your daily dental routine too - by making a healthy choice for yourself, your family and our precious planet.


humble beginnings

Two things that don't have to be so; the amount of unnecessary, potentially toxic ingredients in toothpaste and the incredible amount of wastage produced from everyday dental care products worldwide annually. 


As a dental assistant and natural health professional, I often had questions from clients and patients about where to find healthier and sustainable dental products.  When I became a mumma of two little ones though, these problems came into crystal clear focus for me. I knew about the potential for toothpaste to be toxic, but when I began looking for alternatives, many so-called natural products for children and adults still contained unsuitable ingredients.



Then I tried something different - a natural toothpowder. After a bit of adjustment to using a powder and not a paste, I was amazed by its simplicity and cleaning power and especially the sustained clean feeling after using it. Not to mention my teeth became whiter very quickly. My kids loved it too. So I straightaway began recommending it to friends and family who were asking the same questions vi was. Impressed with the feedback and requests for more, I decided to offer this alternative to other people who care about giving themselves and their familys the natural options in life.

strength to strength

As well, I wanted to find a way to support all the elements of daily oral care with values that I’m aligned with - sustainable dental products, and products that support our community and the global community, and also products with good functionality and visual appeal (as a longtime dental nurse I know that usability is key to good oral health). We worked tirelessly to make Moondust an ecologically respectful dental company. We created sustainable, no-waste and low-waste products, from the powders and brushes all the way to the packaging and supply chain, we developed product refills rather than new packaging whenever possible, and we also looked to ways we could be of benefit to the planet and a part of the global solution to the mountains of dental waste produced annually and came up with a partnership with ARTS and the charity toothbrush that could revolutionize dental care in third world countries. And nothing less than a reinvention of the daily dental routine was born.


The result is Moondust - ecologially responsible organic dental products that are delicious, easy to use and highly effective -and that look and feel gorgeous too. We’re so proud to now offer Moondust to the world - supporting the global switch to healthyand sustainable dental care - so you can be good to you and the planet too!


about jaye


Jaye is a chai-loving mum-of-two (plus three fur babies), who hand-makes Moondust while the sun shines, nestled in the foothills of the NSW Tweed Caldera. A Bachelor of Health Science in Medical Nutrition, nearly 20 years working in the dental industry, an abiding love for mother nature and irrepressible excitement about the glorious possibilities for humanity and the planet that come with new cultural understandings of co-operation and sustainability, all continue to inform her lunar creations.

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